"So much more than a coach."

"She's a pro."

"Danced with me so skillfully to get this book finished."

Write tight, juicy, scantily clad sentences and stories that climax. Complete your creative projects at your own pace.
Do it with me in an hour-long session or a series of sessions.
Come to me at the Sexy Grammar home office loft in San Francisco’s South of Market district or meet via video worldwide.

What’s so sexy about grammar?

I teach writing and creativity the way I learned to teach about sexual pleasure and health: with joy, clarity, truth, specificity, and zero judgment. I emphasize examining your assumptions and strengths and finding a unique process that arouses you to write. Read more about my sexy background here.
In your private session, we look at how you write now, what works about that, and what hurts about it.
We may begin with your creative vision, or with making sure we’re clear on target readers, or with chapter one.
We might focus on plot and theme, self-confidence and sabotage, strategy and self-care, or grammar and style, depending on your needs. Every stage of your project can benefit from my skills and decades of experience in writing, feedback exchange, instruction, editing, publishing, and community building.
In me, you have a loving partner, willing to get intimate with you and your creation, unafraid of—and even familiar with—your most tender stuck spots. Together, we find your unique, artistic process and coax forth your hottest writing.


$175/session and hot deals for multiple sessions.

I make it easy to request your free initial session. Tell me a little about yourself to get started. Your secrets are safe with me. (Already a Sexy Grammar writer? You can book here.)

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