I grew up playing on my Oma’s typewriter.

Oma was an editor at the San Diego Union Tribune. Mom was a first grade teacher, and dad was an armchair grammarian who built a retirement career editing novels. He recently published his own first novel, and I still use his technique for marking up manuscripts. Like my mom, I’m prone to getting down on the floor with markers and butcher paper to sketch out your big ideas with you.

A teacher at heart,

I’ve scattered a trail of little gold stars from the suburbs of southern California to the back alleys of San Francisco, where I once danced at the historic Lusty Lady and taught with the pioneering feminist health educators at Project Prepare and where I now scribble stories and arouse writers. Devoted since 2003 to my day job as The Sexy Grammarian, I’ve earned a reputation for giving unconditional artistic support and fierce editorial feedback.

But I’m really in it for the satisfying release of my own creative projects, my essays, plays, and fiction about triumph for sex workers, queers, and other unlikely heroes.

My unique approach and provocative story pop up in the press now and then, which you can browse below.