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More Homonyms: Discreet & Discrete

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“If we do this,” said Chuck. “Will you be able to be discreet?” Manny placed a slender finger over his gorgeous lips, indicating he could keep a secret. Chuck wanted to bite those lips. He wanted those lips all over his body, but he didn’t trust them. Manny was a talker. And though their lives moved in two discrete social circles—Manny’s sexually open, artistic friends would not likely talk to Chuck’s more conservative, up-tight crowd—Chuck still felt he needed to ask for Manny’s absolute dis... Continue reading

Etsy Treasury: Arouse Your Writer Self

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This collection of Etsy treasures celebrates the leap into a writer's life and the launch of my free ebook, Arouse Your Writer Self. Download the ebook here, and then get yourself or a writer you love one of these gorgeous, handmade indulgences--something from your dreams, someplace to write, or something to admire on your wrist.   While you're on Etsy, why not peek at all my treasuries of sumptuous gifts for writers?   Looking for a more impactful gift? Nothing compare... Continue reading

The Sexy G On TV

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I'm on TV this week, talking to local producer and host of the show Ten Percent, David Perry.  Perry says, “I jokingly call the show ‘Charlie Rose for the LGBT world,” and that's just how fabulous it felt when I went to the studio to tape the interview.  Perry's a real professional and a journalist first, with bylines in publications such as The Advocate, The Washington Blade, and The San Francisco Examiner. I met him through San Francisco's lively Small Business Week confe... Continue reading

Big Launch Today: Free EBook

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It’s a big day for me. I’m launching my first free ebook, Arouse Your Writer Self. In it, I share the hottest tricks I know for jumping into a writing life: an inspiration, an indulgence and a secret, plus nonstop hot action. It’s available in ebook format for screen readers or PDF for printing. I had lots of help. Although any errors you see are my own, sexy writer Dave X Robb efficiently edited and polished the writing. Ken Stram of 2Bridge Communications, my PR and marketing mentor, has... Continue reading

What To Do Once You're Aroused

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If you’ve recently downloaded my free ebook, Arouse Your Writer Self, and found yourself aroused as a writer, you may be ready for more direction. Here are a few ideas. First, keep it up! Don’t stop writing. Cultivate a practice of nonstop hot action. After that, try one of these: Complete an old, stuck project. Dust off that novel manuscript. Write the dissertation. Finish that love poem and give it to your wife. Whatever residual guilt, shame, or disappointment you may feel about that unfini... Continue reading