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Why I'm Dumping Facebook & Embracing Etsy

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People keep asking me, “Wait—what are you selling on Etsy?” I’m not selling a thing. I’m curating Etsy Treasuries of gift ideas for writers. Sure, I may reconsider offering my Private Sessions or Editing Services on Etsy in the future. After all, I do see an occasional Etsy shop with services similar to mine. But for now, I'm just a good Etsy customer, one who engages with sellers and curates my favorite items just like many shop owners and tastemakers also do on the site. On social media...
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Cafe Review: The Thinker's Cafe

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Thanks for visiting the Sexy Grammar Blog. Feast your eyes on this week's newest content on Yelp, where The Sexy G reviews cafes and curates three Yelp lists of hot places to write: bars, cafes, and retreat destinations. Wishing you could indulge in hanging out in a cafe like a writer? You can! Here are The Sexy G's guides to writing in cafes and to taking yourself on a writing retreat. And indulge in this week's 5-star review of Thinker's Cafe, "a solid café with...
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Etsy Treasury: What To Give On Valentines Day

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Thanks for visiting the Sexy Grammar Blog. Feast your eyes on this week's newest content on Etsy, where The Sexy G curates hot, handmade gifts to indulge and inspire the writer in you. You'll adore this week's Etsy Treasury, Going Deep In The Year Of The Sheep, which includes an inspiring Mary Oliver quote, a gorgeous, carved ram's head, a lambswool scarf, and everything you need for a deep, creative Lunar New Year. While you're on Etsy, why not peek at all our treasuries of sumptuous gift...
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What To Write In A Valentine. Two Musts. Three Steps

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Blanking with a lovely red card in your hand? Here's what to do. 2 Musts: You must begin this project at least one day before you plan to deliver your valentine. You need some time to say what you really want to say.You must write your first draft on a screen or on another piece of paper. The valentine card itself is the final draft. 3 Steps: 1. Take 20 minutes to write something longish about your feelings, a journal entry to yourself about how you feel. Let yourself write some things you w...
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Where To Stick Your Commas: Gronk Erotica Edition

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This year's Superbowl Media Day featured a literary reading. The object of Lacey Noonan's recently published, fan fiction erotica novel, A Gronking To Remember, tight end Rob Gronkowski read a single line aloud, to the giggly delight of a roomful of sports journalists. Here's the line he read: In front of the entire country, Gronk's spike impacts right in-between my butt cheeks. I like this line quite a bit. It offers a great example of the first person present tense. It doesn't skimp on actio...
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