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Sounds Like a Writer to Me: Interview with Precious J. Stroud

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I’ll bet every Black woman alive has a story to tell about racism or sexism, and Precious J. Stroud has set out to collect the ones about how Black women successfully navigate structural racism and sexism in the workplace. As founder of the BlackFemaleProject, she supports women to write their own stories, stories that help prepare girls and young women for the realities of the work world by introducing stories of triumph and perseverance. “We are committed to helping each other. If you be... Continue reading

Your Market’s Heart (revised)

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I love the lesson of target market because at first, new business owners reject it. "Everyone will buy my widget," we proclaim, convinced our entrepreneurial spirit requires this sense of abundance. But when the burden of content marketing and the sting of competition begin to wear on us, we learn to focus. And we learn that celebrating, cultivating, and catering to our ideal target market unearths a rich vein of loyal customers, a scant inch wide, but a mile deep. I make it my business to nev... Continue reading

Zooming In On Beads of Sweat: Interview with Amir Rabiyah

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“Sometimes walls exist inside of us. We create them to keep ourselves safe, or to shut people and ideas out,” says poet Amir Rabiyah of the recently released anthology Writing the Walls Down: A Convergence of LGBTQ Voices, which they co-edited with Helen Klonaris. Writing the Walls Down features forty-five international writers and artists in conversation with the idea of walls, both physical and metaphorical. “I'm really proud of this collection, and the bravery and brilliance of all... Continue reading

Making Art Is Making Love: Interview with M'kali-Hashiki

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If you’re an artist or a writer in the Bay Area, you’ll want to indulge in my pal M'kali-Hashiki's upcoming Erotic Breathwork for Creative Folk workshop on Sunday, March 27 from 1-5pm.“I think the workshop will have tangible results for those creators who often find themselves stuck,” says M’kali-Hashiki. “For those who really wanna ‘pump up the volume’ on their creative juices and for those who either create their best work when sexually satiated or conversely only when they're celibate.”I’ve a... Continue reading

Recycling: 6 Ways To Make Your Blog Work for You:

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If you’ve been blogging for a year or more, you’re sitting on a goldmine of recyclable content. Recycling your content isn’t cheating! It’s yours, and keeping a blog or content strategy alive and running, year in and year out, is a big job. You deserve all the breaks you can get. Here are a few ways I’m recycling my content from 7 years of blogging as the Sexy Grammarian: Revise: Things change over the years. The voice you’ve worked so hard to develop sounds better now than it did when you w... Continue reading