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Published: Read My Kinky Story in Bondage Bites

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I've got a kinky, girl-on-girl-on-girl story in the new release from Cleis Press, Bondage Bites. It's one of my favorite chapters from my forthcoming novel, Turning Out.I haven't found the publishing platform for this novel yet. I don't know if I'll find a publisher or do it myself. I'm shopping around. But I did get to mention it in the profile piece on Cosmo last month, and I'm actively submitting it to agents and publishers. In the meantime, you can read chapter 35 in the brand-spanking new B... Continue reading

Places To Write: Miami & New Orleans

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Thanks for visiting the Sexy Grammar Blog. You'll find my hottest new content this week on Yelp, where I review cafes and bars as writing destinations and curate helpful Yelp lists of sexy places to write: bars, cafes, and retreat destinations. Wishing you could indulge in hanging out in a cafe like a writer? Get my guide to writing in cafes, and indulge in this week's 5-star review of Molly's At The Market in the New Orleans French Quarter and Havana Coffee & Tea Company in downtown Miami.... Continue reading

The Business Retreat Two-fer: Thinking creatively about travel, retreats, and work

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Twice this year, I’ve joined my wife while she attended professional conferences in remote cities, stepping away from my business in a busy season to relax, write, and work. These little "Business Retreat Two-fers," as my wife and I called them, fueled one of my most lucrative quarters ever. In fact, I’ve never been more productive. I got so much done and enjoyed these cities (Miami and New Orleans, by the way) so thoroughly that I journaled on these trips in the voice of a braggart: I am... Continue reading

I'm In Cosmo Magazine!

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Many of the books I read as a teen greatly influence me as a writer and teacher today. I still use “It rained” from Red Badge of Courage to introduce sentence structure lessons, for example. I still talk about Billy Budd and Animal Farm when I work with writers on meaning and symbolism. The other literature that impressed me at 13, 14, and 15 still influences me too. I loved Cosmo Magazine, purveyors of the secrets of womanhood from eyelash curling to career climbing to man hunting. In its page... Continue reading

Etsy Treasury: Writing Retreat

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Thanks for visiting the Sexy Grammar Blog. Feast your eyes on this week's newest content on Etsy, where The Sexy G curates hot, handmade gifts to indulge and inspire the writer in you. You'll adore this week's Etsy Treasury, Writing Retreat, which includes a rocket ship, a huggable world globe, wise words from Susan Sontag & Stephen King, and everything a writer needs for a productive, exotic retreat. While you're on Etsy, why not peek at all our treasuries of sumptuous gifts for write... Continue reading