How To Write A Love Note

Throughout the holidays, I quizzed my friends about their gift-giving practices and rituals, and I learned that people want to receive gifts from the heart. One wise friend actually told me, “Stop worrying about what to give people. You’re a writer. Write something.”

She’s right, and there’s no better time than Valentine’s Day to practice the gift of writing in the form of a love note. So, I’ve been working on love notes. Here’s one:

My love,
I’m sitting here thinking of you and watching the roses fall apart on the wintering vines. I love how the wind catches the petals. They flutter, uplifted and playful in its embrace. You’re like that wind. Your love uplifts, inspires, and embraces me too, especially when I fall apart. I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

And here’s the Sexy Grammar Love Note Recipe, in 6 easy steps:

  1. Make a list of words to describe your love. Make two lists, nouns (lover, friend, playmate, conspirator) and adjectives (naughty, delicious, amorous, stunning)  Set aside.
  2. Choose a theme or metaphor that has meaning for the two of you, such as a special type of flower, a cherished memory, the ocean, love, longing, or sex.
  3. Write Like A Slut about your theme. Set aside.
  4. Write Like A Slut about the feelings you want to express in your note, such as your gratitude or your lust. Set aside.
  5. In one swiftly penned sentence, explain what your theme has to do with your feelings. This is your big idea.  Set aside.
  6. Put it all together.

Helpful Hints:

  • If you don’t already know how to Write Like A Slut, don’t worry. It’s easy, mostly safe-for-work, and very slut-positive.  Just click over to the post about it.
  • Write a lot, but keep the final draft short.
  • Don’t be afraid to be cheesy, as long as you’re sincere.

Once you’ve followed the directions in steps 1-5, you’ll realize that the real trick is in putting it all together. Here are hints for putting it all together:

  • Find your gems. Don’t expect to use all the content you created so swiftly. Instead, use the 1% Rule, and look for the best few words, the hottest ideas, and the turns of phrase that strike you as unique, beautiful, and specific.
  • Organize your gems. You can use any old structure to get started. In my note above I start with the metaphor I want to use, the roses. Then I extend that metaphor a little, talking about the fluttering petals. Then I make the specific comparison and say what I really want to say. Call it the ol’ metaphor–metaphor–big idea structure. You could go with metaphor–big idea–big idea or the classic metaphor–big idea–metaphor structure. Get the idea?
  • Use your noun and adjective lists to refine your big idea and describe your metaphor. Which words are the most personal? The most unique? The most flattering? The most romantic?
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