Three New Books That Will Broaden Your Reading Horizons

I sometimes get stuck in a reading rut, drawn to the books that fit into the neat categories I’ve identified as “my tastes.” Don’t you? This summer, I want to read a long-overdue collection of writing in a genre I don’t know much about. Gay Latino Studies: A Critical Reader, edited by Michael Hames García and Ernesto Javier Martínez ought to do the trick.

If you’d like to broaden your summer reading by stealing a little something off The Sexy Grammarian‘s shelf, try Big Sex Little Death, my sex and writing hero’s memoir. As Dan Savage puts it, “Susie Bright‘s real life is just as compelling–more compelling–than her sex life. And that’s saying something.”

And how about a lyrical, post-apocalyptic novel recommended by Lambda Literary? Tenea D. Johnson‘s Smoketown intrigued me from its very first line: “Anna Armour had had her fair share of failed resurrections.”

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And if you get inspired to do a little writing yourself this summer, drop me a line. I’ll make room on my coaching schedule for you.

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